Selenite Sword of Light Energy Healing

Selenite Swords of Light are an Intention activated Sacred Cosmic computer, providing access to multidimensional and multiverse access to portals, the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters. Your higher self, the crystalline cities of light and cosmic hierarchy.

Our hands interact with the handle of the sword of light, which is made of copper, a powerful spiritual conductor. The hands, as we know give off Light energy, sound, and a magnetic field. These energies interact with all crystals and sacred waters and the energy of the pictures to create this powerful potent and tangible light frequency. It is a unique tool that provides relief of physical pain when used on any part of the body that has pain.

Charka systems can be cleared, balanced and activated. Meridians can be opened, activated and balanced. Negative energy can be cleared and transformed into positive energy. Magnification of intent is greatly affected. One can access Higher dimensions and multi universes. The sword can activate and change the DNA structure for healing, as well as activate Masters of the Seven Rays of Light. They can also contact and work with Ascended master’s and Angelic realm.