Certified Holographic Healing

Holographic Healing as a modality created by Marilyn Harper and Adironnda with the council of light guiding the dimensional process. This  involves exercising and using one's own innate ability to see, sense, feel, hear, and know what is inside your emotional, physical, and mental body. This is a process of facilitating healing to perfect health. The human form was created in divine perfection and can naturally return to homeostasis.

The state of perfect alignment. By concentrating ones healing energy and focusing one’s intention, the body can heal, align, and re-balance itself. Using visualization one can remove outdated beliefs, can shift effective patterns and align the conscious awareness to obtain perfect health. We can also enter the Akashic records to see where the disease originated and how to release it.  At Alexia Light Energy Healing, we can also travel through the body to find any dis-ease and correct it.

So what is Holographic Healing?

Thoughts, emotions and beliefs from difficult experiences in the past can become trapped in a person’s body to create realities and ongoing cycles. At Alexia Light Energy Healing, our professionals are able to help you in the healing process to berid your body from the negative energys affecting your life.

Once these conflicts are trapped in the body, these energies are carried through time, latching on and negatively affecting people’s lives. These moments and the emotions experienced in conflict create a hologram in our cells that repeat over and over during time.

This hologram contains a particular frequency - for example, the frequency could be that of fear, guilt, shame, heartache and inadequacy. These trapped energies interact with your mind, in the external world and - following the law of attraction -  we then attract the same energies. Our internal frequencies are met like a magnet to our external present world, bringing to us people or situations that will continue to confirm our internal emotions of fear, shame, inadequacy.

By going on a non-invasive internal journey in a Holographic Kinetics appointment at Alexia Light Energy Healing, you can access the dimension (moments of conflict) where such energies were first trapped. From there, you can witness what occurred and release that energy.

During your Holographic Kinetics session, the professionals at Alexia Light Energy Healing can unravel the emotions, beliefs and decisions that were locked into your body, and acknowledge how these have created cycles of similarity throughout your life.

Once the old conflict hologram has been cleared, you can see the world differently as your perception is no longer influenced by your past negative experience, allowing you to be feel free to create positive life experiences & allow you to connect and attract positive energies.